Student Organizations Finances

Each student organization, once approved by the Student Life Office and the Student Government, is given an account number and is eligible for funding through the University.

Money can be requested from the Activities Fee Committee (AFC) by the following process.

  1. The AFC Request form must be completed via Google Doc (emailed 2-3 weeks prior to the start of AFC hearings).
  2. The Student Leader must sign up for a hearing before the AFC.
  3. The Student Leader/Representative must appear for his/her scheduled hearing. He/she is given 10 minutes to present a case to the AFC.
  4. Once all hearings are complete, the AFC deliberates and responds to the student leaders announcing the funds they have decided to allocate.

Once the money is allocated, there are a number of ways to access it.

  1. Request a Check
    • Many organizations need to request a check for a speaker, band, etc. Anyone from outside the University must submit a series of forms for the Treasurer’s office. As this is a complicated process, please contact Kate at least a week before the check is due in order to complete the forms and send all materials to the Treasurer’s Office.
  2. Request Reimbursement
    • Oftentimes when spending for a student organization, it is convenient for the student to use his/her own personal funds. If this is the case, please visit Kate in the Student Life Office with the receipts so she can draft a reimbursement form (Form 19). You may then take this form to the Treasurer’s Office on the first floor of Carnegie Hall. If the amount for reimbursement is below $100, they may give it directly to you, if not, it will be SPOed to you promptly.
  3. PCard
    • Each staff member of the Student Life office has a University credit card. To use the credit card for your student organization, contact Kate via email in advance to ensure that the credit card will be available for the time period that you are wishing to use it. These credit cards must be used responsibly and may not be taken for extended periods of time.
    • It is essential that you keep the receipts from these credit card transactions and bring them immediately back to the cardholder. On the back of the receipt please write the name of the organization, the organization’s account number (231xxx), and the reason for purchase.