Alumni Greek Council

What is the Alumni Greek Council?

The Alumni Greek Council is comprised of an undergraduate (usually the president) and alumni member from each Sewanee Greek Organization.  

Who leads the Alumni Greek Council?

Our AGC has elected the following officers and appointment for following committee leaders:

Brad Peabody, President
Rachel Watson, VP for Sororities
Jimmy Wilson, VP for Fraternities
Elizabeth Henry, Recording Secretary for Sororities
Lawson Whitaker, Recording Secretary for Fraternities

The group also includes the current Interfraternity and Intersorority Councils and Greek Presidents.

Inter-Sorority Council
Yin Agbontaen, President
Anna Hunley, VP for Rush & IMs
Mary Allison Pritchard, VP for Community Service & Education
Gigi Ruppel, VP for Records & Publicity

Inter-Fraternity Council
Cooper Lewis, President
Ben Shankle, VP for Rush & IMs
Addison Jones, VP for Community Service & Education
Chris Cooper, VP for Records & Publicity
Shel Robinson, VP for Leadership Development

Forbes Mann, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life (current Greek Advisor)

When do they meet?  

The AGC meets twice a year along the following general schedule.

  • the meeting of AGC Executive Officers on an annual Friday in the fall (2017 date: Nov. 17)
  • the meeting of the full AGC on the following Saturday morning (2017 date: Nov. 18)
  • In conjunction with Beyond the Gates, which is always the first weekend before Easter classes begin in Mid-January

How does their work relate to the undergraduate chapter?

Alumni representatives are usually chapter advisors or house corporation presidents or simply involved alumni, depending upon the chapter.  While the AGC will meet three times annually, representatives are encouraged to meet with chapters or chapter leaders outside of the formal AGC gatherings.  Their role is to connect with and to communicate with the entire chapter as to the issues considered and decisions made in the Alumni Greek Council gatherings. Most importantly, alumni representatives should mentor undergraduates on leadership, responsibility and accountability.  

What's on the agenda?

The upcoming meeting's agenda includes recruitment policy and social host guidelines.