How to request interim measures

Students seeking interim measures or additional remedies should speak with a dean of students, who will evaluate and, if warranted, will coordinate the request. A dean may need to take protective measures to ensure a safe and nondiscriminatory environment even when the student does not specifically request that action be taken. Students on a studying abroad leave, through an independent program, should request support from the abroad program leader. Students on a studying abroad leave, run by The University of the South, should request support from the abroad program leader or the University of the South's dean of students office.

The specific interim measures or additional remedies implemented and the process for implementing those measures will vary depending on the facts of each case. A dean of students will consider, among other factors, the specific need expressed by the reporter or within a report; the severity or pervasiveness of the allegations; any continuing effects on the reporter; the age of the students involved; and whether the reporter and respondent share the same residence hall, class, or on-campus job location.

Possible interim measures and additional remedies include:

  • No-contact order between respondent and reporter

  • Limiting access to certain college facilities or activities

  • Limiting access to campus to specific times of day

  • Alteration of class schedules

  • Alteration of on or off campus housing arrangements

  • Removal from on-campus housing

  • Changing campus work schedules or job assignment

  • Suspension from on-campus employment

  • Suspension from athletic teams or other student organizations

  • Rescheduling of exams, papers, or other assignments

  • Provisional suspensions or restrictions in extraordinary circumstances

  • Taking an incomplete in a class

  • Authorized withdrawal from a class

  • Withdrawal from study abroad program

  • Alternative course completion options

  • Voluntary leave of absence

  • Access to counseling services

  • Providing an escort to ensure safe movement between classes and activities

  • Increased security at specified locations

  • Providing academic support services

  • Any other reasonable remedy that can be tailored to the involved individuals

When reporter and respondent are members of the same organization or athletic team, a dean of students will consider ways to permit both students to continue participation, but when such compromise is not possible, the Title IX Coordinator has the discretion to determine whether an involved student can continue participation.

No Contact Order means an order issued by a dean of students directing parties (generally the reporter and respondent(s)) to refrain from having in-person or electronic contact with each other, directly or through proxies.

Reporting Violations of Interim Measures and Additional Remedies
All individuals are encouraged to report concerns about failure of another individual to abide by restrictions imposed by an interim measure or additional remedy. Failure to abide by restrictions imposed by an interim measure or additional remedy is a violation of the University code of conduct.