How to file a sexual misconduct grievance.

Who May File a Sexual Misconduct Grievance

Any student may file a grievance against a student for an alleged violation of this policy. Reporters typically file their own grievances and such reports can find multiple paths to resolution based on the reporter, the type of incident, and other key factors.

Resolution Options

The two options are:
(1) Administrative Resolution and
(2) Hearing Panel.

Both provide opportunities for interim measures and protection from retaliation but they have different procedures (see procedures).

The University reserves the authority to file a grievance on behalf of an affected individual who has requested confidentiality or is otherwise unable or unwilling to participate in the process. In such situations, the University shall be the reporter and the affected individual shall be considered a witness and will be entitled to receive all notifications due to typical reporter under this policy, including notification regarding the outcome of the resolution procedures.

How to File a Sexual Misconduct Grievance

Sexual misconduct grievances require an initial intake meeting between a dean of students and the reporter to gather preliminary information, to determine interim measures (if not already established) and to outline the paths to resolution. Once a pathway is determined a process facilitator is assigned.