Conduct Forgiveness

We recognize that student will make mistakes.  As a result, students who have committed their very first offense may be able to take advantage of our conduct forgiveness policy. Conduct forgiveness gives students a one-time opportunity to restore any loss of privileges associated with a violation. If a student never has any other incidents in which s/he is found  responsible, the initial incident will not be reported on a conduct check. Not all offenses are eligible, please review the conduct forgiveness website.  If eligible, additional details about taking advantage of this program will be provided in a student’s outcome letter.

Conduct forgiveness requirements:
For Violations of Public Display of alcohol (for individuals 21 and older); Underage possession and/or consumption of alcohol; Providing alcohol to an underage person: 10 hours of unpaid community work within four weeks of sanction.

For Violations of Disorderly conduct (e.g. public intoxication, being uncooperative or argumentative with university staff); Possession and/or use of marijuana or drug paraphernalia: 40 hours of unpaid community work within eight weeks of offense; complete an education/intervention program as assigned by the Dean of Students Office.

NOTE: a student who completes conduct forgiveness will have his or her lost privileges restored (such as going through Greek rush).

Where to work:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are doing any of the below for pay or as part of another obligation (for a class, a Greek organization, a sports team, etc.), then you cannot also claim "service hours." (No "double-dipping.") You can download a reporting form here.

Physical Plant Services has campus clean-ups every Saturday morning from 6:00 - 8:00 AM. PPS must know who is coming ahead of time; if you plan to work with PPS, please complete this brief form no later than 2:00 PM the Friday before you intend to work. PPS is at the far end of Georgia Avenue, past Nabit and the Chi Psi and DKE fraternity houses; meet at the PPS grounds shop inside the chain-link fence adjacent to Georgia Ave. (across from the gas pumps) by 5:45 AM.

The Sewanee Police Department has open hours for students to wash cars and/or equipment on Sundays from 2:00 - 5:00. Check in and out with the dispatcher; make sure you take a reporting form with you.

The Equestrian Center will also put students to work. Call x1122 to speak with Karine Gordy, director ( or David England, barn manager ( You may also contact them by email.

The Community Action Committee (local food bank) needs students on occasion to help unload & pack groceries. Contact Betty Carpenter at

Housing Sewanee, Inc., needs students to help with construction work; contact the Outreach Office in the BC (ext. 1156). Please understand that the Outreach Office will NOT sign off for service hours for an extended program over a break (such as a multi-day project over Fall Break); they want workers who want to be involved, not have to be involved.

Animal Harbor, the local animal shelter in Winchester, will work with students; contact Amber Kelly at 967-4472 before going down.

The campus Child Care Center occasionally needs extra help; call Michelle Carter at ext. 1699 before showing up.

Finally, the Appalachian Women’s Guild in Tracy City needs help sorting donations & doing maintenance at its thrift store. Call Kathy Tate or Rhonda Myers at 931-592-8558.

If allowed by the Dean who sanctioned you, you may also develop your own community restoration action plan and present it for approval by that Dean. Such plans must be approved in advance of the work.

You should report work hours in person to Student Life Office in the Bishop’s Common.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Dean of Students Office at