Our Equipment

Speakers: Wilson Alexandria XLFs‌‌

Our speakers are at the very heart of what we do in the room. To properly honor our many wonderful recordings, we set out to find speakers that were able to reproduce the sound of a live orchestra to the highest degree of verisimilitude. After initially considering omnidirectional and other less conventional speaker systems, the durability and impressive output of the Alexandria XLFs proved themselves to be the right choice for our purposes.

Each speaker has six drivers: a 15in subwoofer, a 13in subwoofer, two 7in midrange drivers, a 1in tweeter, and a 1in super tweeter. Each speaker draws 1300 watts of power from a PBN amplifier. Weighing in at an impressive 655lbs a piece, and standing an over 70in tall; the enclosure provides shielding from errant electrical noise and misplaced vibrations, ensuring the drivers reproduce the clearest sound possible. In less technical terms, the Alexandria XLFs are able to move the same amount of air as an entire live orchestra. Set up in a stereo configuration in harmony with the architecture of the room itself, the XLFs reproduce with razor-sharp accuracy the same energy, dynamic range, and emotional depth heard in the concert hall or studio when the music first met the microphone.

Read more details about the XLFs and the Wilson Audio company in this brochure.

If you are interested in more detailed technical information, consult the manual here.


Turntable: PBN GrooveMaster Vintage Direct DP7

The PBN GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Drive DP7 is our newest addition, and stands out in a class all of its own in both style and sound. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Groovemaster DP7 are its two tonearms: one with a stereo cartridge and the other with a mono cartridge. The copper platter prevents electrical noise from the motor and other internal electrical components, creating a pristine platform for record playback.