Student Policies

Privacy Statement

Our policy: As a student or customer of Sewanee: The University of the South, your privacy is our business.  It is our policy to protect you and your family from unauthorized use of information provided in the course of doing business with us.

No information provided by you will be used for any purpose other than processing your on-line transactions.  We will not give away, sell or otherwise disclose any information that personally identifies you, except as necessary to perform service.

Transaction Information:  To process transactions, we collect information related to each transaction, such as the amount and the necessary identifying information, including the account numbers or e-mail addresses of the parties involved.

Credit Card Verification Information:  During the processing of transactions, we collect verification information from the credit card issuers.  The credit card service verifies that the user’s credit card information and address match the information that the user supplies to us.

Automatically Gathered Information:  Our site automatically gathers information about the type and version of your Web browser, so we can present the site to you properly, and keep a record of your activity at the site.  We will not give third parties individually identifiable information about users unless we are compelled to do so by law, or we have the express permission of the user, or we need to disclose it to process transactions.

Refund policy for Traditional Semester Terms


A student may withdraw from the college only through consultation with the Dean of Students office. Withdrawal is official only upon approval by that office; hence, the withdrawal date indicated by that office is used in determining the nature and extent of any refund. The following policy applies:

Financial Aid recipients without Federal Title IV aid and non-aid recipients

Refund of fees is made only for reasons of illness and if the percentage of the term completed is 60% or less. The refund is calculated by prorating fees for the period from the date of withdrawal to the end of the semester. The amounts to be prorated are one-half of the semester's total tuition and room charges, and three-fourths of the board charge. No refund is made for any other fees, or if more than 60% of the term has been completed.

Financial Aid recipients with Federal Title IV aid

Refund of fees is made only if the percentage of the term completed is 60% or less. Refunds to Federal Title IV funds are calculated according to the applicable Federal regulation (34 CFR 668.22). A student is not eligible for a refund of personal/family payments until all Federal Title IV programs and other scholarships are reimbursed as required and all outstanding balances with the college have been cleared. No refund is made if more than 60% of the term has been completed.

Examples of refund and repayment calculations may be seen in the Student Accounts' Office.

Refund insurance is available through an outside vendor. Information is sent with the fall semester billing. Applications may be obtained through the Student Accounts Office.

Refund Policy

A reservation deposit of $500 for all students is payable before pre-registration each semester to reserve a place in the college. The semester tuition bill is reduced by payment of this deposit. The deposit is not refundable after the published refund dates, except for serious illness, loss of financial aid, or academic suspension.