Weapons Disclosure Form

Any employee who intends to have a permitted weapon in his or her vehicle while on a University parking lot must complete a Weapons Disclosure Form, provide proof that the employee has a valid handgun carry permit and owns the vehicle in which it will be stored. Employees who fail to abide by these carry permit rules will be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.

Weapons Policy

The University prohibits weapons of any kind on University property, including all buildings and grounds, except weapons carried by an officer of the Sewanee Police department while on duty.  Anyone failing to adhere to the Weapons Policy is subject to fines and penalties. Please note: Ignorance of the policy does not remove responsibility from fines and penalties.

Weapons Safe Keeping Form

Tennessee Law (TCA 39-17-1309) and the University of the South policy prohibit weapons on campus. Sewanee Police Department provides students a lawful means of storage on campus for weapons they plan to use for legal recreational activities. To store weapons please read and fill out a Weapons Safekeeping Form and contact Sewanee Police (ext. 1111) to schedule a time to bring in your weapon.