Timely Warnings

In compliance with the U.S. Department of Higher Education and the Jeanne Clery Act, Timely Warnings are issued to provide information concerning a potentially dangerous criminal situation on or near Sewanee University. This information is provided to enable students and employees of the university, the time and information necessary to take appropriate precautions concerning their own personal safety. Timely Warnings of Clery crimes are given if those incidents present a continuing safety threat, such as a series of armed robberies taking place in different campus parking lots over several weeks. Other possible incidents include aggravated assault, arson, burglary, manslaughter, motor vehicle theft, murder, robbery, sexual offenses, and certain hate crimes. Crimes that would not constitute a continuing threat include, but are not limited to, crimes for which the perpetrator has been apprehended and crimes in which the perpetrator targets specific individuals to the exclusion of others such as domestic or dating violence.



Spring Semester 2017

Timely Warning 01-29-2017

Timely Warning 02-01-2017

Timely Warning 04-01-2017

Timely Warning 04-06-2017

Timely Warning 04-16-2017

Timely Warning 04-19-2017


Advent Semester 2017

                                                                Timely Warning 09-18-2017

 ‌                                                               Timely Warning 10-13-2017    

                                                                Timely Warning 10-17-2017

                                                                Timely Warning 11-02-2017

                                                                Timely Warning 11-02-2017(2)