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Office of Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Undergraduate Fellowship

The Office of Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability (OESS) is looking for highly motivated students who are interested in taking on positions to assist in the development and implementation of sustainably themed projects through the Sustainability Undergraduate Fellowship Program (Fellows). Fellows have access to professional development opportunities, an annual sustainability trip and the opportunity to participate in AASHEs annual conference, with expenses covered by the OESS. Positions include, but are not limited to: Marketing, Outreach, Alternative Transportation, Waste Reduction, Environmental Residence and GHG Data & Reporting Management. Prospective Fellows are encouraged to bring new ideas, applicable to University and community needs, for consideration as well.

Marketing and Communications Fellow: This position will promote OESS programs
through the use of social media, websites, newsletters, and interpersonal communication.
Duties include the following: Work with Sustainability Fellows Coordinator to Edit &
publish the Sustainability E-newsletter • Support the Sustainability Fellows marketing
needs • Prepare information to update the OESS website • Develop and implement
creative campaigns that advance sustainability • Assist with tours, tabling, info sessions
and open houses • Develop outreach campaigns for social media • Other responsibilities
as assigned by OESS & the Sustainability Fellows Coordinator.

Environmental Residence Coordinator: This position coordinates the Environmental
Residents (ER) program and volunteers, who are peer sustainability educators in campus
community spaces. Duties include the following: Facilitate meetings • Coordinate ER
trainings and programming • Lead the Move-in and Move-out programs • Liaise between
OESS, Res life, and ER’s • Monitor and evaluate ERs’ responsibilities and programs •
Continue and expand upon ER current programmatic offerings • Oversee residential
recycling programs • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Sustainability Fellows
Coordinator. Qualifications for this position: Experience as an ER is preferred. Strong
organizational and leadership skills are required.

Materials and Waste Management: This position will work to improve the University’s
current recycling program, as well as identify new ways to reduce waste. Duties include
the following: Continue to work with Campus Dining to identify recycling opportunities
and other waste reduction activities • Develop a recycling program for campus athletics,
beginning with the stadium • Assess the viability for a University-wide purchasing policy
that emphasizes responsible sourcing • Other responsibilities as assigned by OESS. This
position requires strong personal skills and the ability to work with multiple stake holders
to follow through past project implementation.

Sustainability Data Analyst: This position will assess OESS programming impacts and
will assist in the management and analysis of campus sustainability metrics. Duties
include the following: Analyze data that advances sustainability at Sewanee • Manage
data for OESS • Assist with AASHE STARS data collection, analysis, and reporting •
Report greenhouse gas data publicly • Prepare data reports for OESS • Other
responsibilities as assigned by OESS. Qualifications for this position: experience
managing and interpreting data, as well as working in partnership with multiple
organizations and departments.

To apply, please submit the following to the Student Program Manager at

  • Resume
  • Cover letter with a statement of interest that includes the opportunity desired (more than 1 selection is encouraged) and background experience that will help you succeed
  • 2 University references

Application deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year is MARCH 30th, 2018

The OESS will review the applications immediately and host interviews between April 5th & 6th

Final confirmation for 2018-2019 Fellows positions will be sent on April 10th



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