OESS to manage the University Farm and the Greater Domain


The University has recently expanded the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability under Assistant Provost Jon Evans to oversee management of the outer Domain and the University Farm as part of the University's strategic vision for environmental education.

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EPA Representative Visits the OESS


Sewanee's Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability got the chance to sit down with B. Suzi Ruhl, JD, MPH, Senior Attorney Advisor, Office of Environmental Justice, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to discuss a myriad of issues relating to sustainability

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Sewanee Think Outside the Bottle at Boston


In the beginning of February, students Zack Loehle (C'17) and April Shi (C'14) attended a national conference for student leaders at the headquarters of the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign in Boston, MA. Part of a national effort to combat plastic waste and push for sustainable water use, the Sewanee chapter of the organization began more than a year ago. 

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