Sewanee’s Green House: Growing in Joy


The first Green House was established in 2008 after a group of Sewanee seniors attended an environmental conference and wondered how they could make a big impact with their final year. The house was originally conceived as a center for environmental student activism, and while that spirit remains in the house, it has also gained a focus on being an intentional community that strives to foster an environmentally conscious lifestyle among residents while they reach out to the wider campus.

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Summer Interns Do Energy Conservation


This summer, the duPont Energy Conservation interns and the PowerSave Campus interns have hit the ground running and will be working primarily on three projects: the T8, 25-Watt Lighting Optimization Project, the Low-Flow Faucet Optimization Project, and the Green Office Certification Program.

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Sustainability Outreach Takes a Hold at Sewanee


As Sewanee looks to become an ever more sustainable institution, the University is also looking to assist members of the entire community in achieving a level of sustainability of their own. While most people equate sustainability as simply environmentalism and recycling, it links environmental stability with economic vitality and social justice. Sewanee hopes to not only help the planet but also help the local community at the same time.

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