Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The traditional Chinese holiday Mid-Autumn Moon Day is coming on October 4th (Wednesday). On this holiday, Chinese families gather together, eat mooncakes, and appreciate the beauty of the moon. Chinese students are invited to take pictures of the moon on our campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening and participate in a Mid-Autumn Day photo contest. A small "award ceremony" at which we will vote for the best photos, eat Chinese mooncakes, and talk a bit about the traditions of the Mid-autumn Day is planned for Saturday, October 7 at the Language Reso

New LAL Staff: William Godsey

We would like to welcome William Godsey to the Landscape Analysis Lab as the new GIS technician! He graduated from the University of the South in spring 2017 with a major in Geology. He is putting his GIS skills to work making maps, analyzing data, updating and maintaining data, and doing general GIS support for the LAL. Welcome William!

GIS Disaster Support

After a natural disaster or other humanitarian crisis, there is often a need for GIS support. Either mapping infrastructure, identifying damaged buildings and roadways, or geolocating people requesting aid, there is a great deal of mapping need that does not require much skill or experience. One central place to offer mapping support is with Humanitarian Open Street Map at https://www.hotosm.org/
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