Dr. McCarter's "My Grandmother, Too" Published

In response to the #MeToo movement, Dr. Stephanie McCarter was inspired to write a moving piece entitled "My Grandmother, Too" depicting her grandmother's experience with sexual harassment in the workplace. It appears in a November 15, 2017 post in "Avidly", an online component of the "Los Angeles Review of Books."

Dr. McCarter Contributes to Gucci 2017 Gift Guide

Stephanie McCarter explores the story of Icarus and other characters from Greek mythology which inspired the 2017 Gucci Gift Catalogue illustrated by Ignasi Monreal. Her commentary explores the relevance of Greek mythology for the contemporary. Read more to see her work, and perhaps do some shopping. " These old Greek stories were never meant to be static. Atlas can mirror our own workday exhaustion, Artemis the refusal to conform to the traditional expectations of one’s gender. "

Serving, Supporting, and Living Large

The Lodge family history has long been interwoven with Sewanee history. Richard (“Dick”) Lodge, C’71, and Gina Lodge recently made sure that the tradition will continue through their generous support and faithful leadership.
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