Reunion in Bamberg

Three Sewanee women: Jennifer Merriman who is on a Teaching Fulbright in Leipzig; Leonie Weigt (former German House Director/exchange student) and Betsy Cornelius, who is on an exchange program in Bamberg met up for an afternoon in Bamberg.

Trivia Night at the Spanish House

At the latest Tertulia, students met to compete in a Trivia night about "Spanish and Latin American stereotypes and strange traditions". Each team had to decide if certain traditions and practices are true or false. There were prizes for the winners!


Students gathered on the afternoon of March 4 to celebrate one of the oldest Slavic holidays in the backyard of the Russian House. The spring holiday, Maslenitsa, involves burning winter in effigy and making and eating excessive amounts of blinis/pancakes/crepes (with all possible condiments). And of course, many people were speaking Russian!

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