Smith Endowment to Support Experiential Learning

Through the leadership of Suzanne Dansby, C'81, a new fund is being created that will support faculty and students who are doing place-based study on the Cumberland Plateau and the southern Appalachians. The Gerald Smith Experiential Learning Fund will support teaching and research using methodology pioneered by Smith in his religion classes at Sewanee. 

Student with test tube

Hippocrates Challenge Bolsters Pre-Health Programs

A gift from an anonymous donor has created the Hippocrates Challenge for pre-health. Sewanee is challenging medical professionals to come together as a group to match the $500,000 challenge gift to create a $2 million endowment to support medical internships, enhanced advising, preparation for pre-professional examinations and challenging clinical experiences. 


Class of 1964 Establishes Endowment for Finding Your Place

In 2014, the Class of 1964 adopted Finding Your Place for a reunion project, donating funds for a substantial endowment to sustain this innovative program. Finding Your Place introduces students to Sewanee and to academic life, using the place as a departure point for understanding intellectual practices. 

Faculty and students setting up a LICOR instrument to measure photosynthesis

Sommer Family Provides Bridge Support for Sewanee’s Haiti Programs

The Haiti Institute in Sewanee is introducing Sewanee students to innovative teaching and learning as well as making a positive mark in the community. Zanmi Kafe is working in partnership with farmers to improve environmental health, and Zanmi Foto is working with community members to enhance social health in rural Haiti. 

Headshot of Christoph Keller

Building a Theological Debate Society

Through the leadership of a Sewanee parent, Christoph Keller, Sewanee's Programs Center is building an innovative and powerful program for high school youth that focuses on classical debate. Does it work? Just ask the parents of kids who come home energized for learning. 

Couple Responds to Hippocrates Challenge

Gillian and Dr. Bruce W. Steinhauer, parents of an alumna and a current student, have made a gift in response to the Hippocrates Challenge, a campaign to build support for pre-health education and advising.