Christoph Keller in Trinity Cathedral, Little Rock

A Gift from Trinity Cathedral in Little Rock Honors Historic Relationships with Sewanee

Chris Keller, dean of Trinity Little Rock, believes that the presence of Sewanee in the church—with a School of Theology combined with a College of Arts and Sciences—is a wonderful expression of how education can be central to formation. The cathedral has made a $100,000 commitment to the Stronger Truer Sewanee campaign, with the gift supporting the move of the seminary to central campus. 

Gift from Ning Tang, C'98, Extends Global Reach

Ning Tang, C'98, is helping Sewanee extend its global reach with philanthropy related to opportunities in China.

Head shot of Angela and George Williamson

Williamson Gift Recognizes Importance of EfM

 A gift in honor of Angela Williamson and Dean Alexander boosts prospects of returning the School of Theology to central campus. The IRA disbursement recognizes the importance of EfM in Angela's faith-based volunteer work.  

Bruz Clark, president of Lyndhurst and Riverview Foundations

Lyndhurst and Riverview Foundations Back Novel Science on the River

Starting In late July and lasting about a month, Sewanee and partners will be launching the Tenneswim project, an end-to-end characterization of the Tennessee River: its general health, the presence of microplastics and heavy metals, the health of river fauna, and other measures. This scientific and public education project will be conducted through an amazing feat of physical endurance, with a German researcher and long-distance swimmer swimming the entire length of the river. Grants from the Lyndhurst and Riverview Foundations have led the way as donors continue to support this project. 

A Family’s Gift Creates a Ladder of Opportunity

Lisa, Brett, and Davis Couch, C'17, worked together to structure a family gift to the University of the South that will be one rung in the family's plan to provide opportunity for underprivileged children in Florida to gain a first-class education. 

boyd on horseback

Planning for a True Application of the EQB Ethic

Joanne Boyd, C'77, wants to encourage Sewanee women to make a gift to the University, and she has led with her own giving to projects in honor of retiring professors, the equestrian center, and the Sewanee Fund. Now she has added to that record by making a planned gift through her estate, and she has also set up plans for a pet trustee, to ensure that important canine and equine friends are cared for. Read more about this inspiring story.