Crowder-Meyer Wins Sophonisba Breckinridge Award (Again!)

The Midwest Political Science Association has announced that a paper co-authored by Professor Melody Crowder-Meyer and presented at the 2015 annual meeting has been awarded the Sophonisba Breckinridge prize for best paper on women and politics. The paper, titled "Complex Interactions: Candidate Race, Sex, Electoral Institutions, and Voter Choice,” examines how electoral institutions affects the prospects of female and racial and ethnic minority candidates in elections. Crowder-Meyer and her co-authors (Shana Gadarian, Jessica Trounstine, and Kau Vue) find that female and minority candidates are more likely to win elections than white men in two-candidate races, but are less likely to win in multi-candidate elections. The Midwest Political Science Association's announcement of the prize marks the third time that Crowder-Meyer has received the honor.