Shadowing Dr. Garrett Orr, D.D.S.

December 2, 2016

by Taylor Hall, C'20


I recently was able to shadow Dr. Garrett Orr in Winchester, TN. During the shadow opportunity, I was exposed not only to the daily practices of the dental profession, but I was also given professional insight into advancements in the dental world. Dr. Orr made the experience both extremely beneficial and enjoyable for me as a hopeful dental student. I watched as he performed fillings, checked general hygiene concerns, and sculpted a temporary flipper for a patient in need. In the midst of the busy day, we were able to slip off to lunch for about an hour. This gave me the opportunity to gain insight on the social aspect of the dental profession. Dr. Orr was exceptionally honest about what he loves in his profession and also what he doesn't necessarily adore. I felt this to be the most helpful part of the entire of the experience, as I was able to see the work from a humanistic perspective. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I am very thankful towards Dr. Summers for introducing me to Dr. Orr.

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