EMR Scribe with Dr. Scott Elledge

January 17, 2017

by Neal Bartl, C'16


After graduating Sewanee, I was offered a two-month EMR scribe internship with Dr. Scott Elledge of ENT Associates of Alabama. This entails taking patient histories, charting and documenting all diagnoses and procedures, devising a continuum of care/follow-up plan, and electronically prescribing all non-narcotic medications. We see patients at the group’s main office and two satellite clinics. In addition to my scribe duties, I often scrub in on Dr. Elledge’s OR cases in the morning before seeing patients in the clinic. Not only do I get to gown and glove for these operative cases, but I set up and calibrate the VTI machine that we use for image guided endoscopic sinus surgery. Dr. Elledge also introduced me to several general surgeons who allow me to observe them in the OR, as well as attend M&M and other educational conferences with the surgical residents. The internship is an incredible experience that offers unparalleled access into the medical community and I would highly recommend it to any Sewanee student.

Neal will be starting medical school at UNC in the fall.  His experience was an ACE Medical Internship

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