Interview with Dr. Adam Stevens, DVM

September 14, 2016

What do you like about being a vet?
“It is an exciting field.  You have to do everything – endocrinology, dermatology, behavior, etc.  Every case is different, so you are constantly learning.  You have to get creative, especially with the economy as it is.  When an owner only has $100 to spend, you have to find creative solutions.”

How well did Sewanee prepare you for veterinary medicine?
“I loved my Sewanee experience.  Collaboration at Sewanee prepared me well for vet school and my career.  Sewanee professors don’t look for regurgitation of the right answer.  They give you a problem and you have to work as a team to solve it.  That is what the field is about.”

What advice do you have for Sewanee pre-vet students?
“Work or volunteer at a variety of veterinary settings (shelters, mixed animal practice, equine, etc.).  Persevere.  Many of my classmates were not accepted on their first try, but it gave them the opportunity to obtain more experience.  And that really prepared them for clinical rotations senior year.” 

“Know that there are many different options in the field, such as public health, the USDA, the pet food industry, zoo medicine, and teaching.  You can also specialize.  It is a unique field because once you have your degree, the opportunities are limitless.”

“Carefully consider the realities of veterinary medicine when deciding whether it is the right career path for you.  The student debt to income ratio is high, and you work long hours.  It can be emotionally taxing at times, especially when dealing with terminal illness and euthanasia.  While our mission is to help all animals, we care for their families, too.”  

Do you have any final thoughts?  
“The animals always make the long hours and tough days better.  No one else can help them so we are their voice; we are their advocates.”

Programs of Study

Diabetes Education Program

December 17, 2017

The Office of Medical and Health Programs and the Office of Civic Engagement are partnering with Dr. Karen Gilson, MD to develop a diabetes education program for our area.

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