SMHS Week was packed with events, from the Diversify Health Panel to a gallery walk titled "A Dose of Disparities."  Read about the Sewanee Multicultural Health Society's efforts to promote awareness of health disparities. 

V-SURE Summer Experience

The (V-SURE) allows pre-medical students to gain valuable research and shadowing experience. This summer Hayden Byrd C'17, Liz Gill C'18, Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon C'18, Mark McAlister C'17, and Jackie Spangenberg C'17 participated in the V-SURE program. Hayden was recently accepted into medical school and attributes much of his success to the V-SURE program.  Hayden, Liz, Veronica and Jackie share their stories. 


EMR Scribe with Dr. Scott Elledge

Following graduation, Neal Bartl, C'16 spent two months as an EMR scribe and scrubbed in on OR cases with Dr. Scott Elledge. Neal will enter UNC medical school this fall.

DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center Internship

"I went from never having seen a surgery before to scrubbing in every day with a distinguished plastic surgeon." Iris Harrison, C'17 describes her ACE Medical Internship.  

Shadowing Dr. Garrett Orr, D.D.S.

Taylor Hall, C'20 recently shadowed Dr. Garrett Orr, D.D.S. in Winchester, TN.

Religion Major to Pre-Nursing Student

Anne Gray Thornburg, C'17 decided to become a nurse the summer before her senior year.  As a religion major with no biology classes under her belt other than Field Investigations, she had her work cut out for her.  With careful planning with the Office of Medical and Health Programs, summer school, and an independent study with Dr. Summers, Anne Gray is on her way to entering the world of nursing. 

Programs of Study

Sewanee-At-Yale Summer Internship

January 17, 2018

"The Sewanee-at-Yale internship was, by far, the most influential and successful summer of my life."  Read Cody Bartz's account of his summer internship.

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