First-year Course Listings

Course Offerings

These are all the courses offered in the upcoming term that require no prerequisites (that is, there are no Sewanee courses that must be taken before you can get into these courses) and have some available seats for first-year students.

* Courses marked with "(AP)" may be taken by those first-year students who have earned high passing scores on AP/IB exams. You're encouraged to select them if you have taken the germane AP/IB exams (described on the Registrar’s page) and you have received an official score report. (If you haven't heard your score yet, you should probably hold off on choosing these courses for now. You may contact the Academic Guides later to report it and, if you wish, revise your course selections.) 

** The courses listed under the "Taught in a Foreign Language" category are here just for the benefit of those students who placed into the highest level of a foreign language at Sewanee and were given more than one advanced language course from which to choose. Do not include these in your list of twelve courses; indicate your choice in the Foreign Language Placement section above the other course selection drop-down menus. 

Tips for Completing the Course Selection Form

  • Open a tab for your Course Selection Form and another for this page, so that you can easily double-check your selections against the course titles (and linked course descriptions) listed here.
  • You may not list a course more than once on your form.
  • You must provide twelve courses on your form, and all other required fields.
  • If you don’t complete the form, you won’t be able to submit it.If you need clarification or assistance with any part of your form, please send a message to one of the Academic Guides, and someone will get back to you quickly with some help. (The more specific you are about your question, the easier it will be to assist you.)
  • Note that some subjects or courses—particularly interdisciplinary ones—will appear in more than one drop-down menu (for instance, courses listed in both Humanities and in Social Sciences). The lines dividing these general academic areas are not always perfectly clear, and our menus reflect those complexities.
  • In the course listings, you can find a specific course description for the class by clicking on the full course title. Click on the department to visit its webpage and learn more about that general area of study and the faculty who teach in those disciplines.