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Academic Advisors

Section professors will also be academic advisors for Finding Your Place participants. They will serve in this capacity until students officially declare their majors during the second semester of their sophomore year. Academic advisors assist students with class selection and help students meet their academic and professional goals.

As a section professor, he/she will be able to identify students' academic interests, strengths, and potential for improvement. By spending time with students outside of the classroom context — during field activities and Finding Your Place social opportunities — section professors will get to know students beyond their academic selves and become familiar with students' passions, favorite pastimes, and maybe even their favorite Thai cuisine dishes.

The relationship building that Finding Your Place facilitates is twofold: professors become familiar with students and students get closer to professors.

Section professors get to know their students on multiple levels, and, therefore, are well prepared to become students' academic advisors when the time comes for students to select courses and set broad goals for themselves. The positive relationship between student and section professor established during Finding Your Place will allow students to speak about curricular objectives with candor when the section professor serves as the student's academic advisor.