Your Questions, Our Answers

Despite our best efforts to provide you with all the information you need, we know that you likely have some questions. Please review the Q & A below to see if you find an answer.

If you do not find an answer, please email Finding Your Place Director Rob Bachman at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Finding Your Place and the FYRP courses?   

The FYRP classes are 100-level academic courses, taught by professors representing a range of disciplines and expertise. Finding Your Place is the name of the program that includes academic and social support, mentorship, and fun. For short, we call the combined academic course and program Finding Your Place or FYP.

Is this a required program/course?

No. It is an elective course, but most FYRP courses meet general education requirements.  Space in the program is limited to 128 students.

Fall athletes (except Cross Country) will be in their pre-season practice and cannot participate. Please contact your coach if you have questions.

How do I sign up?

Registration for Finding Your Place will open on May 5. You may register on this website here. Students will be notified on June 1 of their selection status.

Can I pick my FYRP course?

We will take your course preferences into consideration. When you complete the registration form, you will rank the sections by your level of interest in them.  The first nine days of FYP is a common course, to which all FYP faculty contribute, so incoming students are exposed to all FYP professors representing a range of disciplines and expertise.

When does the program Finding Your Place start and end?

The immersion portion of Finding Your Place begins on Wednesday, Aug 15 and runs through Friday, Aug 24. The course sections continue through the first half of the fall semester at least once a week.  A full schedule with more details will be published later in the summer.

When I arrive, do I move into the residence hall that I will live in for the year?

Yes, on Wednesday, August 15, you will move into your residence hall room for the year.  You will also meet many of the students with whom you share the residence hall.

Does the course last through-out the entire semester?

No, but it does continue into the regular semester. However, because the course starts earlier than your other classes, it also ends earlier, usually in mid-October (Fall Break).

Do I earn credit for taking the course?

Finding Your Place (FYRP) courses receive full credit course and meets a general distribution requirement. The distribution requirement met depends upon the nature and focus of the course, and is indicated a “G” attribute numbered 1 through 6.  Click here for a curriculum overview.

What do the program and the course cost?

The cost of the program and the course are included in your tuition and fees.

Can I sign up for PRE, too?

No. Entering students who wish to participate in a pre-orientation program must choose to participate in either Finding Your Place or PRE. Learn more about PRE here.

Will I be in the room/dorm I will be in for the rest of the academic year?

Yes. Your room assignment and roommate for Finding Your Place will remain the same throughout the entire academic year.