Your Program

Finding Your Place

FYP courses are serious academic endeavors. You will study hard and push yourself to examine topics and perspectives that you may not have considered thus far in your academic life. Don’t worry, that’s good. That’s what Sewanee is all about.

But that’s not all Sewanee is about. Finding Your Place dedicates time each day to covering three important parts of your life at Sewanee: academic support, self-awareness and community involvement, and fun.

Academic Support

FYP coursework will both require and help develop three important skills – reflective writing, close reading, and synthetic thinking. You will have the opportunity to examine a subject deeply on your own through a final capstone project.


An important objective of Finding Your Place is to allow students time to get to know one another. Group activities are planned for every night and free time is set aside each day for your own exploration. Sewanee is known for allowing its students to form life-long friendships. We're just starting nine days early.

Academic Advisors and Student Mentors

Your FYP professor may also serve as your academic advisor, until you officially declare your major during the second semester of your sophomore year. Academic advisors assist students with class selection and help them meet their academic and professional goals.

The relationship building that Finding Your Place facilitates is twofold: professors become familiar with students and students get closer to professors.   By spending time with students both inside and outside a classroom context, FYP professors really get to know them.  Because professors know their students well, they can identify earlier students’ academic interests, strengths, and potential for improvement, as well as their passions and favorite pastimes.   

Two upperclass students serve as mentors for each FYP course.  The mentors accompany the class on field excursions, lead activities in the community and on campus, and spend time getting to know the new students.  The student mentors are carefully selected based on their academic and leadership experiences and abilities, and their passions for learning and exploring both inside and outside of the classroom serves to inspire first year students.